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January 19, 2018

"The Little Things That Make Something Special"... this is what Smeidi was originally founded to be back in 2011. Pieces that captivate your attention and make your heart do a happy dance when you lay eyes on them. Jewellery that you not only want, but instantly fall in love with...


Sometimes in life we lose sight of what or who we're supposed to be, and take the easy way out. We've all been there, and Smeidi, as a brand run by real women, is no different. For us, this meant outsourcing to China and slashing prices. And what happened? Though we loved the design in the end, the process felt rushed, we had to buy in way huger quantities than we originally wanted to, and the overall "special" feeling we got when wearing Smeidi was ever so slightly diminished.

Essentially, after trying really hard to make this work for a few seasons, we're back to our roots. No more easy way out, no more marking things up only to mark them down again. That's not who we are, and it's who we refuse to be.


All our new designs are back to being produced in Hatton Garden, and they're designs you won't see anywhere else. They may cost a little more than you've seen from Smeidi in the last few years, but that's because now, you know what you're getting (precious metals and stones), where it's coming from (Hatton Garden and specially selected studios around the UK), and why it costs what it costs (forsaking wholesale means we can offer you the best prices, direct to consumer).

If you'd like to join us on this journey, we'd love to have you along. Maybe check out what we've been designing lately and head over to the Honeycomb Collection. Or, sign up for our newsletter so you're never out of the loop again.