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January 19, 2018

Because providing the little things that make something special is what we love here at Smeidi, a lot of our jewellery is sterling silver, hand beaded, plated with precious metals or delicate in some other way. Our brand is built on sustainable pieces that won't go out of style for years, and that you love so much you make it a wardrobe staple. So for it to last as long as it's made to, there are some things you need to know about caring for your Smeidi piece.

3 Things You NEED To Know About The Jewellery You Wear Everyday | Heidi & Co. | 3 Labels 1 Mission

1. Be nice to your silver

Sterling silver tarnishes. It just does. That's the nature of the metal. And it tarnishes particularly quickly when exposed to humid air, products like hairsprays and body lotions, or moisture. That said, tarnish can be extremely easily removed with a silver polishing cloth. Make sure that you use a cloth that's specifically made for silver, or you won't get great results. 

If you want to be really protective of your jewellery, store it in plastic or vinyl. This will stop any moisture getting to the metal if sealed correctly. Even if you store it in the box your jewellery originally came in, this won't prevent it from tarnishing over time, unfortunately!

We use solid 925 Sterling Silver because of it's premium quality and gorgeous appearance. Evy B. pieces feature mixed metals and alloys which also look amazing and allow us to bring the price down, but aren't premium metal and aren't of the same standard or purity.

3 Things You NEED To Know About The Jewellery You Wear Everyday | Heidi & Co. | 3 Labels 1 Mission

2. Be gentle with your elasticated pieces

Some older Smeidi pieces (including the Mayfair collection) are elasticated and/or hand beaded on thread. With all of our elasticated products, we recommend re-treading yearly. But don't worry - we don't expect you to do it yourself!

We're happy to rethread your Smeidi piece once a year at no cost if you post your product back to us with a note letting us know that you'd like it re-threaded. Just don't forget to include your full name and a return address! Check out our care page for more info. 

3 Things You Need To Know About Your Everyday Jewellery | Heidi & Co. | 3 Labels 1 Mission3. Colour code your jewellery

Did you know you should keep your gold pieces separate from your silver? If a piece is gold or rose gold plated, it can eventually be susceptible to wear. If looked after correctly though, signs of wear should only occur over a long period of time! So keep that gold and silver separated.

Most of these signs of wear you'd never notice, especially if you're not wearing your jewellery everyday. But if you want to keep all your pieces looking as perfect as the day you received them, just be a little gentle with them. If you have any questions about jewellery care, from Smeidi or elsewhere, just get in touch via our contact page!